Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

"Warning, This One Is A Page-Turner That Will Keep You Up Late At Night Even When You Should Really, Really Be Going To Sleep Because Tomorrow Will Be Yet Another Long Day." - Sahar's Blog

Cancelled Vows


"The fast-paced storyline, change of location, and abundance of new characters will keep pages turning as the author continues the bring new stories to the long-running, yet highly entertaining, series. My last comment regarding this book is that it has, quite possibly, the best ending I've ever read." Edie Monroe Dykeman, BellaOnline 

"The story moves at a rapid pace and has a bit of everything - romance, humor, and suspense with several other murders after the body is discovered. A few surprises along with the tension both at home and in New York. Carr does an excellent job of developing her characters and providing backstory while maintaining a quick pace. Well worth the sleep I gave up to get to the end." - Christa Nardi, Christa Reads and Writes.

"'Cancelled Vows is loaded with twists and turns and red herrings that will leave you guessing all the while you are flipping pages to find out what happens next. Take the phone off the hook and make yourself a big bowl of popcorn because once you get started you will not want to put this book down until you actually finish. This is a great murder mystery that is going to keep you guessing. I look forward to the next adventure." - Vic's Media Room.

"Wow! What a wonderful mystery.  This book is a page-turner!  The characters are likable and the cover fits the story perfectly.  This book was filled with action, adventure, twists, and turns.  This is a great mystery and I highly recommend it." - Catherine Carrington, Book Reviews, Nature Pictures & Everything in Between.

"I am, bottom line, amazed at the giant step that places Carr comparable to significant authors whose name slips off our tongues like, for instance, Nora Roberts. Watch this author--she's moving quickly to where her goals are headed." - Glenda Bixler, Book Readers Heaven


"Carr's mysteries are fun, light-hearted reading filled with strong yet vulnerable characters. One of my favorite characters is Gnarly, the German Shepherd who used to belong to the US Army. His antics are hilarious and his skills in helping solve mysteries invaluable, of course. If you're looking for a break from a more dramatic novel, pick up one of Lauren Carr's mysteries. After reading just a few, you'll quickly become a fan. I know I am." - Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads 

Police Chief David O’Callaghan and Chelsea Adams’ wedding day is fast approaching. Unfortunately, at the last minute, David discovers that there is one small problem to be taken care of before he can walk down the aisle—divorce his first wife!

Lauren Carr takes fans of the Mac Faraday mysteries to the Big Apple in this nail-biting adventure. In Cancelled Vows, David, Mac, and Gnarly, too, rush to New York City to dissolve David’s marriage to an old girlfriend—and he’s got five days to get it done. When murder throws up a roadblock, it is up to David’s best man, Mac Faraday, and Gnarly, K9-in-waiting, to sort through the clues to get David to the church in time! 

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