Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Solving the Mysteries of Love & Murder


County Prosecutor Joshua Thornton and Homicide Detective Cameron Gates strike out to explore the mysteries of both murder and love!

"If you're looking for a mystery with an abundance of comedy, Dead on Ice will more than meet your expectations. I've come to expect great characters and intricate plotting from Lauren Carr, and "Dead on Ice" is up to her lofty standards." - David Kinchen, Huntingon Post

"Carr sends us off on a highly enticing adventure as we attempt to figure out the truth behind not only Cherry Picken’s identity, but also her murder. There are so many intriguing characters in this novel that the finger pointing really never ceases, not until Carr reveals the truth, which floored me. This is a great murder mystery novel, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I think all adult readers will enjoy it as well." Reviewer: Shana Benedict, ABookVacation

In her Lovers in Crime mystery series, Lauren Carr teams up her first literary detective with a new and exciting partner. Homicide Detective Cameron Gates has a spunky personality that’s a perfect complement to Joshua Thornton’s logical and responsible nature.

“Readers of my first series kept asking when I would bring back Joshua Thornton,” Carr explained. “However, they are going to find that single father Joshua Thornton is not in the same place since we left him in A Reunion to Die For. His children are grown. He’s more independent, and he’s ready for some romance and adventure. That’s where Cameron Gates comes in.” 

Fall in Love with the Lovers In Crime by the Book


Meet and fall in love with the Lovers in Crime. Love and Murder ... by the Book, is a collection of books and short stories featuring Lauren Carr's popular sleuthing couple, Prosecutor Joshua Thornton and Detective Cameron Gates.

Meet Joshua Thornton in A Small Case of Murder (Lauren Carr's debut novel) and A Reunion to Die For. In these mysteries, newly widowed Joshua is tackling murder in his small home town, while trying to raise five children on his own.

The third book is a Mac Faraday Mystery, Shades of Murder. This is two mysteries in one! Mac Faraday is investigating a cold case in Deep Creek Lake, while Joshua is looking into a cold case in Pittsburgh, which is where he crosses paths with Pennsylvania State police homicide detective Cameron Gates.

From Shades of Murder, things really heat up for the lovers in Dead on Ice. In this mystery, Cameron investigates the murder of a porn star, whose body is discovered in a freezer belonging to Joshua’s cousin.

Love and Murder by the Book also includes two bonuses: Beauty to Die For and Countdown to Murder, featuring Joshua Thornton and Cameron Gates, the Lovers in Crime. 

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