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Publishing Management Consulting

What is an ISBN? Do you need an ISBN? How do you protect your rights to your book? Do you need a literary agent? do you need a website? How do you set up a book tour? Do you need to have a book launch party?

Authors need someone with experience on their side during publication for advice about the business side of writing.

With over three decades of publishing, Lauren Carr understands what can seem like a foreign world to a new author. 

As your publishing consultant, Lauren Carr can answer questions and advise you every step of the way. 

Price: $125 per hour.

Book six one-hour sessions for the price of five.

Video Sessions are held via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. If technology is not available for video conferencing, then meetings will be conducted via phone.



There comes a point in the writing of every book where the writer’s eyes start to see what is supposed to be on the page—not what is really there. Serious

writers hire an editor or proofreader to polish their work and make it shine.

We seek clarity and consistency in each sentence. Run-on sentences and passages will be broken down and rewritten. We pay attention to the small

details: continuity within the story, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, passive voice, word choice, spelling, consistency of style, clarity, etc.


Acorn Book Services determines our editing rates based on the depth of work needed for each project. Therefore, we request seeing a writing sample from the project in order to provide a cost estimate.



Proofreading is the final step in the publishing process. Not only do our proofreaders focus on details that may have been missed in the editing stages, such as spelling, punctuation, but they also look at the spacing and layout to make your book as perfect as it can be.


  • Less than 70,000 words:               $250
  • 70,001 - 90,000 words                 $300
  • 90,001  and up:         Add $25 per 10,000 words

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