Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Real Murder

It Wasn't a Real Murder ... Oh, Yes, It Was!


 When the body of a long-missing police officer is found in a lake, it brings attention from more than Joshua Thornton and Cameron Gates. Several friends from the past, a senator, high up members of the police force, even the FBI, want in on the investigation.

When the past blends into the present, the search for answers means intruding into a past that many want left alone.

Joshua and Cameron become involved in the case from different directions, but before long learn they find they are on the same coincidental path. That leads straight to their elderly neighbor., Dolly. It seems unlikely she could be involved, yet when clues lead to a private club of the past and several murders, she alone may hold the answers. With a lack of any viable suspects, it could lead to anyone.

The ending is exciting and satisfying. I’d love to say more but you will have to read the story to learn exactly what happens. Don’t be surprised if the solutions don’t play out the way you expect. As usual, Lauren has a few surprises for you. Remember, It’s not over til it’s over!

Review by Merri Citarella, Jaquo Magazine


When Homicide Detective Cameron Gates befriends Dolly, the little old lady who lives across the street, she is warned not to get lured into helping the elderly woman by investigating the unsolved murder of one of her girls. “She’s senile,” Cameron is warned. “It’s not a real murder.”

Such is not the case. After Dolly is brutally murdered, Cameron discovers that the sweet blue-haired lady’s “girl” was a call girl, who had been killed in a mysterious double homicide.

Meanwhile, Prosecuting Attorney Joshua Thornton is looking for answers to the murder of a childhood friend, a sheriff deputy whose cruiser is found at the bottom of a lake. The deputy had disappeared almost twenty years ago while privately investigating the murder of a local prostitute.

In Real Murder, best-selling mystery author Lauren Carr dives deeper into Joshua Thornton and Cameron Gates’ romantic relationship. “The difference between this series and my Mac Faraday mysteries,” Lauren explains, “is that the Lovers in Crime are a couple. While the mystery is the main ingredient and is always in the forefront, Joshua and Cameron’s romance, and new marriage, is also a key ingredient.”

While they love each other passionately, the newly-wed couple do have adjustments to make—like Joshua’s grown daughter Tracy, who returns home from college for the summer and makes no secret about her hurt feelings over her father’s elopement. Of course, there is also Irving, Cameron’s twenty-five pound Maine Coon cat, who does not like the human male who has stolen his woman’s affections.

Believing that differences are nothing more than spice sprinkled upon their new marriage, the Lovers in Crime plunge into investigating Dolly’s viciously brutal murder. Who would want to murder such a sweet old lady? Is it possible that one of Dolly’s girls knew a long-buried secret that some believed was worth killing to keep undercover?

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