Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

"Lauren Carr has yet gone it again with another great mystery. I am so loving this series and can't wait for more. I know have to read more of Lauren's books. She is a very talented writer." - Review by Stacey Schneller of Books, Dreams, Life. 

"If you enjoy grown-up mysteries (that are still PG in content) with fun  and engaging characters and a storyline that twists and turns just  enough to keep you glued to the pages--I cannot recommend this novel  (and the series) enough." - Review by Book Corner News and Reviews 

"Lauren Carr's books are never boring, that's for sure. They entertain, give us a good mystery to dig into, keep the reader guessing, give us a few good laughs and make us eager for the next book. Warning: Lauren Carr's series are addictive, so be ready to read more than just one book!" - Review by Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads

"Although Carr places all of her books primarily into the mystery genre, I've become intrigued to see her take off into complex, diverse stories that "tip over" into multi-genre categories that leaves me wondering if there is anybody out there producing the wealth of divergent and dissimilar areas of interests into which Carr is willing to travel...and achieve!" - Reviewer: Glenda Bixler, Book Reader's Heaven

"Lauren Carr definitely has a winner here! I have enjoyed Lauren Carr's "Mac Faraday" series for its fast pace and its usual abundance of suspects. In her new Thorny Rose series, Kill and Run steps up several levels into an exciting category all its own. It's thriller, cold case, mystery suspense, and police procedural, all rolled into one exciting novel. Set amidst the political drama that comes with Washington DC and the Pentagon, a current multiple murder becomes a search years in the past. With a young, hot lieutenant assigned to NCIS, and his beautiful new wife, you have all the makings of a bestseller.  Nicely done, Ms. Carr!" - Reviewer: Merry Citarella, Mystery Suspense Reviews

The Next Generation of Mystery


 In the Thorny Rose Mysteries, best-selling mystery author Lauren Carr has delighted her fans by merging the son and daughter of the detectives from her two popular series. Fans were introduced to Murphy Thornton, the son of Joshua Thornton from Lovers in Crime Mysteries, and Jessica Faraday, the daughter of Mac Faraday from the Mac Faraday Mysteries, in the widely-acclaimed and best-selling Three Days to Forever, which was released in January 2015.

The match-up surprised even the author. “I thought long and hard about bringing Murphy and Jessica together,” Lauren confesses. “I had developed each of the characters separately. Murphy appeared in my very first book, A Small Case of Murder. At that time, he was only sixteen and his mother had recently passed away. Jessica appeared briefly in Old Loves Die Hard and I had no thought while writing that book of pairing her up with Murphy. I was as surprised as anyone when their characters ended up being a perfect match in Three Days to Forever.” A perfect match they are! Lauren Carr’s newest series is hot and sexy, like her newest detectives. Lauren warns, “Some readers may be surprised to see that I push the envelope just a little bit more in The Thorny Rose Mysteries than I do in my other series. Due to the combination of my detectives’ youth and the environment (the Nation’s Capital), it was virtually impossible to keep things completely pure.” Some readers may notice a few more curse words (no F-bombs allowed!) and sexual references, which Lauren will confine only to the Thorny Rose Mysteries. “What can I say?” Lauren says with a sigh. “Washington, DC, is not Spencer or Chester.” 


"The plot was original, fresh and fast-paced in spite of the "traditional elements" employed which can normally be found in any other thriller of this genre. The USP of this story would be its unpredictability. When you think you have it all guessed up, the plot would change its course keeping you hooked. There were a lot of suspense twists and turns that kept the momentum up. Needless to say, the writing was simply perfect. One thing that writer needs to be lauded for is the humor she inculcated in the book. Minus those humorous parts, the book would have been one serious read." 

Reviewer: Book and Ink


"Such a well-written mystery that I stayed up hours to finish because it was THAT good. ... Lots of action and the story never gets dull. ... The suspense builds throughout and it's such a real page-turner. I like how these series aren't so dark and depressing but still contains a great mystery." 

5-Star Review from Myra Ball

"The plot was well thought out and there were no loose ends at the end. The story was fast paced to keep my attention easily. The book is a treat to a reader who loves a mix of genres in their reads. It has the right amount of romance, mystery, actionand thrill to keep me satisfied from the start to the end." 

Reviewer: The Travelogue of a Book Addict

"If you're in the mood for a thrilling mystery, that will keep you guessing, I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Kill & Run. You won't be disappointed!" 

Reviewer: Manic Mommy of Two

"I love how Carr writes. She has such great characters, and there is always something happening."

Paij Slater, My Love For Reading Keeps Growing

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