Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Internationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery NovelsInternationally Best-Selling Author of Murder Mystery Novels

Writing Services


As an internationally best selling author and owner of Acorn Book Services, Lauren Carr has accumulated over three decades of professional experience in writing and publishing. 

While pursuing her BA (in English and Journalism) from George Mason

University, she worked for the federal government in editing and layout design. She also wrote a weekly column and did editing for newspapers and magazines.

It was because of her many years of publishing experience under her belt that Lauren rejected numerous offers from traditional publishers and chose the self-publishing path for her mystery novel, It's Murder, My Son,  which made it to #1 in sales on Amazon in cozy mysteries.

At the present time, Lauren Carr has penned twenty-three internationally best-selling novels, each one published through Acorn Book Services. 

Lauren Carr is now offering her expertise in writing and publishing.


Writing Coach


Are you trying to start that novel that you have been thinking about writing? You want to write it, but have trouble organizing your thoughts and you’re feeling bogged down with the whole writing process. 

Or perhaps you have started it, but can’t get pass page forty? Maybe you have the 40-page block? , but perhaps you find yourself frustrated by an inability to develop or organize your writing, or perhaps you’re getting bogged down in the process? 

Maybe a writing coach can help you and who better to coach you than a best-selling author and publisher.

What is a writing coach? Let’s start with telling you what a writing coach is not:

  • A writing coach is not a proofreader, editor, or publisher. 
  • A writing coach is not a ghost writer.

A writing coach does not write or read your manuscript. Nor does a writing coach shop your book around to publishers. However, when needed, she can read sample pages (say a particular scene that you are worried about) with the time deducted from your sessions.

She helps you focus, provides an objective perspective, guides, and encourages. Think of Lauren Carr as your personal trainer for your writer—a mentor.

With Lauren Carr as your coach, she will discuss your project, brainstorm ideas, help you organize your plotline, determine a schedule, kick you in the behind when you fall behind, and help push you through writer’s block. 

A writing coach can be an expensive decision and should not be taken lightly—either by the writer or the coach. For this reason, Lauren offers a thirty-minute free consultation via phone, Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to discuss the project, what you hope to accomplish, and what may be holding your back from completing your goals.


Price: $125 per hour.

Book six one-hour sessions for the price of five.

Video Sessions are held via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. If technology is not available for video conferencing, then meetings will be conducted via phone.


Developmental Editing

Are there holes in your plot? Did you leave any loose ends? Do the characters ring true? A review of the book before publication saves the author from embarrassment after his/her book is published. An editorial review is an analysis of your book. Virtually every successful professional author has a developmental review completed of their work in progress, and does a rewrite, before it goes into editing. Some authors send the book to a friend or family member to read as a favor (no fee). Others send it to an editor and pay for a formal review.

After reading your manuscript, Lauren Carr will compose a detailed report on its plot, character development, writing style, and the overall project. She will look for common mistakes made by new writers and make suggestions on how to fix them. 

Price: Based on Word Count:

Up to 120,000 words  $500

120,001-150,000 words $575

150,001-200,000 words $650

200,001 words and beyond Request Estimate

Note: Acorn Book Services does not manage non-fiction, children's books, or books containing explicit sex (erotica), violence, or profanity (no F-words). If you submit your book for a Developmental Review and it is found to contain any of these issues, the book will be returned to the writer with no report and a refund issued minus fee for time spent on project. 

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